From celebrating our proud country, enjoying time with our friends and family, and nothing more than stuffing our faces with tasty food, there are countless things to love about the 4th of July. The 4th of July is the time to celebrate our Independence, but why not also celebrate the red, white, and blue with a Nic Tailor Sale? Fireworks are exploding in the air this 4th, so why not make our Nic Tailor prices explode as well! We are here to offer you the chance to snag the best of the best superior luxury undergarments at a discounted price! Join us as we inform you all about our amazing 4th of July Sale here at Nic Tailor.


Here at Nic Tailor our goal is to start helping to bring textiles back into the USA. Being an American made company, we are here to make an impact on american made products. Buying domestically manufactured, assembled products is important for the support of our economy as well as creating more jobs. Investing and engineering products in the USA, not only secures the future of small businesses, but it puts the money made back to work in America.


Here you can find our Nic Tailor story about how our products are made in the USA!


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