Here at Nic Tailor our goal is to start helping to bring textiles back into the USA. Being an American made company we are going to explain a brief history of our story of textiles in the USA. Buying domestically manufactured, assembled products is important for the support of our economy as well as creating more jobs. Investing and engineering products in the USA, not only secures the future of small businesses, but it puts the money made back to work in America.

In 2017, we thought it was going to be easy to start a men’s underwear company here in the south of the USA, but little did we know. We started working in textiles in the late 1970s, beginning this journey in the cutting room, learning from the ground up. We learned the trade of product development, gained the knowledge of how to take a design concept and completely turn it into a sellable finished product. Things were great and going smoothly until the 1990s.

In the 1990s we saw factories closing in the US like a domino effect, and went to work overseas. We set up factories for US companies, or helped overseas factories produce products for the US. The US retail market was demanding lower and lower prices, but we were a witness to the collapse of the US textile manufacturing process that could not compete with the demand for lower priced overseas products.


Jumping ahead to 2017, we were introduced to 2 gentlemen who were interested in starting up a USA made men’s custom underwear company. The idea was to start as online based and grow from there. We really loved the idea and we decided to give it a go!

To start the process, we reached out to friends that we had worked with through the years. We had to rely on their area of expertise to start developing a high end men’s underwear line. After finding the yarn and developing high expectations for just the right fabrics, settling color standards for the fabric to be matched too and finding a knitter, we had our production fabric ready to go. While the fabric was being produced we started working on elastic, packaging, thread, labels and approving garment patterns with just the right fit. With all this in place we started working on finding a sewing operation to manufacture Nic Tailor underwear. Thus taking a year we had to purchase and provide most of the sewing machines needed to produce the product.

Our next hurdle was getting the American customer to pay the cost of a USA made product. Paying a living wage to our factory workers means a higher cost that has to be passed on to our customer. We are seeing a great shift in this tide. Through 2020 Americans have seen that we need to have more material goods made in the USA, get products back on shores and really rely on ourselves for our needs. The American consumer is becoming very aware of this.

This has been a great journey and let’s rely on ourselves for our own needs.