What piece of clothing do you wear everyday, and most likely every night? The probability is you will wear underwear more often than any clothing item. Undergarments are something you should be putting some thought into if superior comfort and sustainability matter to you! When it comes to men’s undergarments, there are so many different styles to choose from these days. Loose, Fitted, Long, or Short, Nic Tailor offers the perfect fit for everyone. But for today, we are going to talk about the most popular options: Boxer-Briefs vs Briefs! When it comes to choosing boxer-briefs or briefs, there are a few things to consider when finalizing your decision. Read on with us to find out what sets these 2 styles of underwear apart.


When it comes to a pair of Boxer-Briefs, they give you the best of both worlds. They’re like lean shorts but they provide your legs with that extra appeal. Boxer-Briefs don’t leave your groin area hanging around like normal boxers do, they allow you to keep your active lifestyle. If you were to try and go to the gym or maybe for a run wearing boxers, they would leave you exposed and uncomfortable. But with a pair of Nic Tailor boxer-briefs they allow you to show off your athletic build. They are made to fit your size, no matter your body shape. Boxer-Briefs hug your inner thighs and are generally more immune to the issues that serve towards briefs and boxers. Justin Timberlake once said he tried boxer-briefs, boxers, and briefs before settling with boxer-briefs. Justin Timberlake - “I like the way they hold everything together” and this is important when it comes to a pair of underwear. Boxer-Briefs cover you up a little more than a pair of briefs. They still look like underwear but you could get away with wearing them as lounge wear around the house. Boxer-Briefs also differ from briefs because of their short-like fit. So if you prefer the extra layer that boxer-briefs provide for the thigh, go with these over a pair of briefs. Do Boxer-Briefs sound like the perfect fit for you? If so check out our Dry Fly Boxer-Briefs here


Briefs are a popular style of undergarments because of their high cut sides and overall providing a tighter fit. Briefs are the perfect answer for people who don’t like to play around with loose or long styles. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of underwear that will leave you fully supported and protected all day, briefs are the best choice for you. There are many reasons that men may choose to wear a pair of briefs. When it comes to boxer-briefs vs briefs, a pair of briefs provide a tighter fit and allow you to feel more secure throughout your day. You don’t have to worry about the length, as you might when wearing a pair of boxer-briefs. Briefs also have less fabric overall compared to boxer-briefs, they cut high to the thigh so that both the front and back coverage are more triangle-shaped. If you were to wear tight pants, a brief would offer a more uniform fit. Unlike boxer-briefs, you’ll never have to worry about making sure the fabric is all the way down your thigh. In conclusion briefs vs boxer-briefs, briefs are a great choice if you get frustrated by the extra fabric on boxer-briefs. Do Briefs sound like the perfect fit for you? If so check out our Nic Tailor Briefs here


So now that you know the difference between boxer-briefs vs briefs. Now the choice is yours, you know your own personal preferences when it comes to how clothing fits. For a lot of men nowadays, each style plays a different role when choosing from their closet. Some prefer to wear briefs when they’re looking for more security and boxer-briefs when they’re looking to compliment their active lifestyle. 

Go with Boxer-Briefs if:

  • You have an active lifestyle 
  • You prefer the short-like style for your underwear
  • You prefer more fabric

Go with Briefs if: 

  • You like protection and security 
  • You like an all around together fit
  • You prefer less fabric