Here at Nic Tailor we want to give “Underwear for All”! We’re on a mission to end the male body stigma, while making the leap to help men be happier and more comfortable with who they are. We were graciously featured in TrooMe online to help shed a light on our body positivity campaign and our past prostate cancer campaign. Along with these two important topics, we also shot to share what we are all about here at Nic Tailor. Follow along with us as we share our recent feature in TrooMe!

TrooMe strives to inspire people to search for themselves, and help spread equality. TrooMe is here for the people and for the people who believe in change, genuine change. They help shed a spotlight on people who want to see real love. Three things that TrooMe intends to accomplish is to make people feel something, see true hope, and make people want to be apart of something. Their genuine mission is so strong and passionate that they want people to believe in a ‘practice makes imperfect’ philosophy.

Here you can find/read our Nic Tailor featured presentation in TrooMe. Being featured in TrooMe, they graciously gave us the chance to help shine a light on our body positivity campaign, prostate cancer campaign, along with a little insight on our Nic Tailor brand. The Nic Tailor brand admires what TrooMe does with their featured publications. TrooMe allowed us the chance to profile the impact we are trying to make on the consumer level. When it comes to the male body, social media often portrays unrealistic body types, often making others feel insecure about themselves. That’s why at Nic Tailor we strive to tailor to each and every one of your needs, making each individual comfortable with who they are. The male body isn’t just about looks or muscle, but instead how you feel and how comfortable you are with yourself. That’s why at Nic Tailor we want to end this stigma and make every person proud of who they are.

Having the opportunity to be featured in TrooMe, they graciously helped us shine a light on how underwear should fit properly. No other underwear company on this market is offering custom-fit undergarments but here at Nic Tailor we produce specifically to your each and every need. Nic Tailor and TrooMe both believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to passions, purpose, and underwear. “Everything will always work out. Just stay with it. We are never given too much that we can’t overcome, individually and collectively.”