We at Nic Tailor aspire to change the underwear game and give our amazing guests the superior comfort they deserve. Just recently, Nic Tailor was featured in 2019s Best Celebrity and Lifestyle Magazine called LaPalme Magazine. We had the opportunity to shine a light about what we are all about here at Nic Tailor, thus changing the game of the undergarment industry by setting a philanthropic standard. 

LaPalme Magazine shares international, national and local up-and-coming fashion and beauty trends. As well as trends, they feature photo editorials from photographers internationally. Being established in July of 2013, they create, produce and deliver information aiming to reach style conscious men and women with tips and tricks about trending style and fashion. LaPalme Magazine publishes 4 issues a year and has a strong boutique readership of over 180,000 readers of luxury hotels, salons and industry professionals. 

Above is our feature in the issue of LaPalme Magazine. Here you can find/read this issue!

As you follow along with our issue in the LaPalme Magazine you can learn more about the history of Nic Tailor and take a glimpse about how we are trying to change the undergarment game.