When we decided to take on the undergarment game and create Nic Tailor, our goal was to create a piece of clothing that would take everything to the next level. Our mission with our undergarments is to express a message concerning body positivity. Everyone’s body type is different and that’s what makes us unique. We give support to our amazing customers by creating luxurious undergarments from high quality fabrics to fit your every need. Regardless of your shape or size, Nic Tailor Underwear will give you the comfort and fit you deserve. We got the opportunity to shine a light about what we are all about here at Nic Tailor with Jejune Magazine. 

Jejune Magazine shines a light on the political voice about fashion, celebrities, and art. They cover current events around the world, highlight people giving back to the community as well as giving a platform for discussion through fashion, art and imagery. They’re mission is to unite the cultures, diverse backgrounds, styles, and beliefs, to make a better world to live in. 

Above is our feature in the issue of Jejune Magazine. Here you can find/read this issue!

As you follow along with our issue in the Jejune Magazine you can learn more about the history of Nic Tailor as well as how we strive to be an advocate for men’s body positivity. We share the philosophy behind Nic Tailor, talk more about the #NicTailorNoPants Campaign and what’s in store for Nic Tailor.