We are the first custom fit underwear company for men. Short for “tailored knickers”, Nic Tailor is superior quality underwear made to your specific body shape. We take into consideration butt size, groin size, and everything that makes you, you. That’s why today we are going to show you how simple and easy it is to get that perfect pair of underwear today! When your underwear fits better, it feels better. Experience first hand, comfortable luxury underwear for all body types and dimensions.


To begin your first custom fit underwear experience, start by directing yourself to You can either find our website through Instagram, Facebook, or just simply searching for us.


Once you’ve directed yourself to our website, take a look through all of our superior products. We have all variations of underwear from our Dry Fly Brief, to our standard brief. You can even pick yourself out one of our custom fit undershirts, all of our products are fully custom to your needs.


After you’ve settled on one or maybe multiple pairs of Nic Tailor Underwear. Simply just choose your Waist Size (28 to 48), Bun Size (Slim to Large), Groin Size (Average to Large), and finally your color of choice (Black or White). Here at Nic Tailor, we use honest, authentic measurements, like a real tailor. So, each pair of custom fit undergarments will be tailored strictly to your needs.


Finally, once you’ve chosen all of your measurements/sizes and color of choice, simply just add your custom pair of undergarments to your cart, simple as that. Even if you can’t purchase them at the time, you can create an account through Nic Tailor and simply save them to your wishlist. With our wishlist feature you can save your custom fit underwear or undershirts to purchase in the future.