You may or may not have noticed, but we have made a couple new improvements here at Nic Tailor. We are here to announce that we have launched our new and improved website that brings a sleek and minimal look. Along with our new and improved site, we have dropped our prices on select items! With the holiday season emerging upon us, this is the perfect time to make “your” shopping experience easier and cheaper! Continue on with us to take a peek at our new and improved website and take a closer look at our new adjusted prices.


Introducing our new Nic Tailor website, we emerged from the water and came out strong. Our new website enables you to navigate around with no questions asked. It’s simple but sleek, and that's what we bring you here at Nic Tailor, simple but amazing quality. 

As you scroll throughout the home page you can find a list of our bestsellers, and you can shop directly from the home page just by one simple click. Moving down, you can read our Story here at Nic Tailor and learn more about what we take into consideration and more about our luxury undergarments. All around our new and improved website enables our guests for an easier shopping experience and brings an amazing minimal look.


We at Nic Tailor strive to make sure everyone’s shopping experience is the best. So we have decided to lower our prices on select items. All of our undergarments are now $39, except our Dry Fly Boxer-Brief, which is at $49. Along with our drop in prices in undergarments our undershirt prices have dropped as well. Our V-Neck and Crew Neck Undershirts are now at $45.