You may or may not have noticed, but we have made a couple new improvements here at Nic Tailor. We are here to announce that we have launched some new and improved website updates. The 3 new updates we will be informing you on will be our new easier ordering process, ability to buy it now and even lower pricing! Here at Nic Tailor we want to make your shopping experience the best it possibly can and we are here to prove it. Continue on with us to take a peek at our new and improved shopping changes.


We at Nic Tailor strive to make sure each and every one of our guests' shopping experience is the best. So we have decided to lower our prices on all of our Nic Tailor products. All of our undergarments have been lowered to $34, except our Dry Fly Boxer-Brief, which is $44. Along with our drop in prices in undergarments, our undershirt prices have dropped as well. Our Nic Tailor Crew Neck and V-Neck Undershirts are now available online for only $39. With the drop in prices across the whole site, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get your favorite Nic Tailor items!


Along with our new Lower Pricing, we also decided to give the option for an easier ordering process. Now, what exactly do we mean by an easier ordering process? With our new ordering process, we are giving you less option capability. With that being said you can now simply just choose your true size and 2 color options. (28 to 48, Black or White)

But if you decide you want a more customized pair of underwear, you can simply scroll down to the product description and find “Want More Customization? Click Here”. By clicking this you will be redirected to the more customization option of the pair you're deciding on.

When you are redirected to the more customization section on the pair of underwear you're looking at, you will also notice a few changes. The pricing for more customization has gone up to our original prices. You can now have the option for less options but at a lower price or you can get your own customized pair of underwear for our original pricing. With that being said, you may notice we took out the groin size option!


To make your Nic Tailor shopping experience as quick and easy as possible, we added the Buy it Now Option! With this new option you can simply choose your size and color then you will be instantly redirected to the information section of your checkout process. Super easy and fast!