We at Nic Tailor aspire to change the underwear game and give our superior customers the perfect fit. Just recently, Nic Tailor was graciously in a live session with Hype Magazine. We had the opportunity to shine a light on working with the Prostate Cancer Foundation, along with our superior Dry-Fly Briefs. Join us as we inform you all about our newest live session with Hype Magazine.


Hype Magazine is more than just an urban music magazine. They provide quality services to their readers and subscribers such as a collection of stories, interviews and impactful editorials. Hype Magazine was started in 2004, while being the only magazine in South Africa which covers hip-hop culture. Hype Magazine is not a niche market outlet, they reach out to a wide range of audience, that includes fashion fans, gamers, movie nuts, MMA followers, EDM, rock, television personalities and more!

‘Live Session with Cal Mosack co-founder of Nic Tailor, a brand of custom-tailored underwear for men which supports prostate awareness and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.’ - Hype Magazine

‘In September of last year, Nic Tailor partnered with the Prostate Cancer Foundation to shine a light on Prostate Cancer Awareness during the months of September, October, and into “Movember,” and will continue to advocate for awareness for the disease beyond that, which 1 in 9 men will be affected by in their lifetime.’ - Hype Magazine

‘They subsequently launched their Dry Fly Brief for men who have battled prostate cancer, or who face issues with incontinence. The underwear looks exactly like their regular briefs, with the exception that it is equipped with moisture trapping fabric.’ - Hype Magazine

‘All of their underwear is made in the USA from high-quality fabrics and with superior tailoring.’ - Hype Magazine