We at Nic Tailor aspire to change the underwear game and give our superior customers the perfect fit. Just recently, Nic Tailor was graciously featured in the 2021 July/August Center Stage Magazine. We had the opportunity to shine a light on why men deserve perfectly fitted undergarments. Join us as we inform you all about our newest feature in Center Stage Magazine. 


Center Stage Magazine is an international, contemporary, digital and online magazine. They graciously feature prominent faces and figures in health, fitness, lifestyle and fashion. Center Stage Magazine is based in Manila, Philippines and Serangoon.

Above you can see our behind the scenes feature for Center Stage Magazine. Here at Nic Tailor we are making it our goal to help men find empowerment within their bodies. It’s time for men to pave the way in body positivity.

Being featured in the 2021 July/August issue of Center Stage Magazine, they graciously gave us the chance to help shine a light on male body positivity. We were able to profile the impact we are trying to make on the consumer level when it comes to the male body. Within this issue, you will find a Q&A with our founder Cal Mosack. We answer questions from, what groundbreaking goals we look forward to achieving and explain why the choice of underwear should be contingent on the lifestyle of a man.


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