Here at Nic Tailor we strive to give our customers the best quality items. We take into consideration butt size, groin size and everything that makes you, you! We are giving our loyal and new customers the chance to experience comfortable luxury underwear for all body types and dimensions, exclusively made to fit you. That’s why we can’t let 2021 go by without sharing a list of our top 3 underwear for an active lifestyle. When we say active lifestyle, we want you to be comfortable while you're on the job, at the gym, or if you play an extra curricular sport. We cater to your each and every need, made exclusively for you!


Are you tired of your underwear getting soaked or bunched up at the gym or while playing your favorite sport, well look no further. Starting off our top 3 underwear for an active lifestyle here at Nic Tailor, we bring you to our Dry Fly Boxer-Brief (5-Inch Inseam) which is priced at $44. Our Dry Fly Brief provides 2 additional plies of moisture trapping fabric in the front panel and one additional ply in the gusset. The fabric against the body is our micro modal supima jersey to keep the body dry. The inner plies of fabric use the COOL ME QUICKTM technology to attract and hold moisture. The made in USA recycled fabric is antimicrobial with permanent wicking action designed at the fiber level that will not go away with washing.


Coming in at number 2, we bring you our newest and most exclusive item. If you consider vertical fly to be perfect for easy access when you're on the go; it’s time you think again. Our H-Fly Boxer Brief (5-Inch Inseam) is the perfect pair for when you're on the go. The horizontal fly opens up like a drawer from the cupboard. It stretches well and provides easier access for getting it out in a hurry when you need to go. Here you can find everything you need to know about our new H-Fly Boxer Brief.


Finishing off our top 3 underwear for an active lifestyle, we bring you to our Boxer Not-So-Brief (8-Inch Inseam) which is priced at $34. Our Boxer Not-So-Brief is ideal for any physical activity, these streamlined trunks provide maximum control, flexibility, and are perfectly contoured to your body. These 8-Inch inseam briefs are ultra soft, absorbent and provide a breathable fabric for superior comfort. Exclusively your fit, from Nic Tailor.