Here at Nic Tailor we want to give ‘Underwear for All’! We’re on a mission to end the male body stigma, while making the leap to help men be happier and more comfortable with who they are. Our body positivity campaign is meant to showcase and spread the word that all body types are meant to be represented. We were graciously featured in Trunk Space Magazine to help shed a light on our body positivity campaign. We had the opportunity to share what we are all about at Nic Tailor and give everyone an inside scoop about how we are planning to end the male body stigma.

Trunk Space is an online platform that caters to pop culture. With print, digital, web and social media presence they are committed to presenting new and upcoming stories. Trunk Space uploads new content daily to their vast platform. They share things daily from interviews, reviews, Trunk Space exclusive comic books, and so much more. They strive to get their readers to come back soon and come back often with their amazing stories. 

Here you can find/read our Nic Tailor featured presentation in Trunk Space Magazine. Being featured in Trunk Space Magazine, they graciously gave us the chance to help shine a light on male body positivity. With a variety of companies doing so many different things, Trunk Space decided to help us at Nic Tailor profile the impact we are trying to make on the consumer level. . When it comes to the male body, Social Media often portrays unrealistic body types, often making others feel insecure about themselves. That’s why at Nic Tailor we strive to tailor to each and every one of your needs, making each individual comfortable with who they are. The male body isn’t just about looks or muscle, but instead how you feel and how comfortable you are with yourself. That’s why at Nic Tailor we want to end this stigma and make every person proud of who they are. 

Above you can find our online interview with Trunk Space. In this interview, Trunk Space asked our Nic Tailor Founder - Cal Mosack 7 customized questions. Trunk Space is graciously helping us here at Nic Tailor shine a light on our recently launched body positivity campaign. They are helping us encourage men to find comfort in more than the undergarments they put on every morning. In our interview found above, you can listen to highlighted topics about what made us want to get into the underwear business and how underwear improves the male body image.


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