We at Nic Tailor aspire to change the underwear game and give our amazing guests the superior comfort they deserve. We take into consideration butt size, groin size, and everything that makes you, you! When you think of custom-fit underwear, you often think to yourself, is it comfortable or does it actually fit perfect? We are here to answer those stubborn questions for you, so you don’t have to wonder if your underwear is going to fit properly. That’s why today we are going to share with you some of our customers' testimonies to prove that we are here for you!

5/5 - “This might be the first perfectly fitting underwear I’ve ever worn.” - Keith S (Verified Buyer) 

Let’s just start off by saying, thank you Keith S. Here at Nic Tailor we strive to offer our amazing customers the greatest superior quality and fit. We are here for the people and we take into consideration everything that makes you, you!

5/5 - “I appreciate the support and comfort these provide. Well made with a waistband that stays put. The sizing part ensures that these fit well. Just a bit pricey but worth it.” - William G (Verified Buyer)

Yet again, thank you William G for the honest and great review, we truly appreciate the feedback. Our Briefs are meant to offer plenty of support and keep everything in place, while giving you the flexibility you need for your daily activities. We offer limited time sales, so be sure to get your Nic Tailor undergarments on the next!

5/5 - “This is the finest quality, most comfortable men’s briefs that I have ever purchased. The extra wide waistband, flat seam construction and extra thickness of the center panel make this a great value that clearly exceeds all expectations. I am now a Nic Tailor loyal customer.” - William C M. (Verified Buyer)

Thank you William for being a loyal Nic Tailor customer, we value your opinion and will continue to give you the superior comfort you deserve. With our 3-inch inseam Trunks, we are happy the ultra soft, absorbent and breathable fabric is exceeding your each and every need!

5/5 - “These are well-designed and feature a generous waistband that defies rollover. The sizing feature that goes beyond the usual S/M/L/Xl helps to fit the briefs nicely without strang.” - William G (Verified Buyer)