Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Nic Tailor?

Actually, no one. It is just a short hand version of “Tailored Knickers,” which is exactly what they are. Ordinarily, we would name the product after the founder. However, one of the founder’s last name is Mosack. And, well, it’s a bit weird to call customized underwear with more room for your privates, “Mo Sack.”

How do I sign up for automatic replenishment?

Here’s how you can have your custom-fit underwear automatically shipped to you at the time interval of your choosing:

  1. Login to “MY ACCOUNT”
  2. Choose “REPLENISH OPTIONS” on the left side menu. Here you can manage how often your underwear should be sent (every 3 months, every 6 months or every year).
  3. You can manage your underwear or undershirt options in “MY ACCOUNT” as well. Choose the ‘UNDERWEAR PROFILE” or “UNDERSHIRT PROFILE” on the left side menu to make sure your custom stats are up-to-date before you turn on a replenish option.
  4. And don’t worry, we will send a reminder e-mail before your items ship out in case you need to make any last-minute adjustments.

Where can I buy it?

Only here online. Because of the customization process, we could not possibly sell this underwear in a store. Go ahead and customize yours now.

Is the underwear really more comfortable?

Yes. Underwear that fits better is just more comfortable. Underwear that is too loose – or too tight – just doesn’t feel right. Order a pair and see for yourself.

Is the undershirt really more breathable?

Yes. We use a revolutionary blend of three materials for maximum breathability. Our fabric contains 45% Lenzing Micro-Modal® which is actually derived from natural beech wood fibers. 45% Supima®, which is an ultra fine and luxurious cotton. And 10% Elasten®, which maintains the shape and fit of your garment.

Where is Nic Tailor made?

Our underwear is manufactured right here in the US of A. We believe this is better for our collective good. Plus, you get underwear made for American bodies: big, strong and big.

When was Nic Tailor founded?

Technically, in 2018. Until now the technology for underwear this comfortable simply did not exist. However, the need for Nic Tailor was created eons ago – back when Adam first pulled on an ill-fitting fig leaf. Flimsy, itchy, and not a lot of support.

What is your return policy?

We suspect that you may not be 100% honest about your, um, measurements. For this reason, we are offering you a 100% guarantee on your first purchase of custom-tailored underwear.. You can either get a replacement pair or your money back.

Additionally, If your order ever arrives faulty or incorrect, please return immediately for a replacement product. However, we can’t replace any worn, used, soiled or stained underwear. (And you know exactly the type of stains we’re talking about!) Read our full policy here.

Do you have a measuring guide?

Yes. You may not be an expert at tape measuring your chest. So we have a helpful guide right here.

I love Nic Tailor’s custom questionnaire, but do I have to fill it out every time?

No. After you fill out your measurements once, you can simply save your Profile and never have to do it again.

What are other benefits of becoming a Member?

When you save your profile under “My Account” and create a password, you have become a Nic Tailor member. There are many perks for members. You can save your preferences, past purchases, address and credit card info – for speedier check out. Plus, you’ll be eligible for future promotions, discounts and gifts.

Can you just send me more when I need them?

Most guys don’t think about more underwear until they run out of laundry. Luckily, Nic Tailor has a Replenishment Option. You can sign up to have your underwear automatically shipped every 3, 6 or 12 months so you never have to “shop” for underwear again. It just arrives in the mail like a little gift from yourself.

What if I want to personalize my underwear beyond what you offer?

Let’s face it, some of us have truly unique bodies that won’t fit into any of our thousands of customized options. Now, if you need Extra Customization, you can have your underwear hand-tailored for even greater individualization. One of our tailors can work with you to personalize the perfect pair.

To start a hand-tailored order, contact one of our experts here..