Ask Nic Tailor – Your Guide To Proper Measurements

You may not be a professional tailor – or even know one. But here are some easy tips to help you get the perfect sized under garments.

What is my waist size?

Remember, most clothing companies intentionally deflate waist sizes to make you feel good. Don’t be fooled! At Nic Tailor, we use honest, authentic measurements, like a real tailor.

So, if you have a tape measure, simply measure the circumference of your waist two inches below your navel. Place one finger between your waist and tape measure to ensure a comfortable fit. And if you don’t have a tape measure handy, well, you may just want to err on a size or two larger than what you usually buy…because that’s what you honestly are.

What is an inseam?

It is nothing sexual. It Is merely the length of the garment from the crotch to the end of the pant leg. Our trunks come in 3, 5 and 9 inch in-seams.

What is my chest size?

This is also known as shirt or jacket size. This is the circumference of your chest just under your arms. With arms straight at sides, measure around the fullest part of the chest, right under your armpits. Inhale before measuring to get an accurate size.

Why is my height important for my shirt size?

Your height will help us determine the length of the shirt, but it will also help determine the length of your sleeves. No one wants sleeves that are too short – or too long. Nic Tailor suggests Short for a height of 5’4 - 5’8, Regular for 5’9 - 6’2 and Long for 6’3+.

I never heard of square or sloped shoulders?
What’s that about?

I never heard of square or sloped shoulders? What’s that about? Some guys have shoulders that are more square-shaped, while others have shoulders that slope down towards the arms. A tailor takes this into consideration because it will affect the position of the sleeves.