We'll adjust
for you


We'll adjust
for you

Introducing Nic Tailor Custom Fit Underwear

At one time or another, most guys complain about their underwear. It never seems to fit quite right because it’s only available in S-M-L-XL sizes. What about your weight, shape and, well, other measurements?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was customized underwear?

Well now, we figured, with the customizing capabilities of the internet, we could create underwear that is made to your exact size and shape.

The one and only men’s underwear tailored to fit just you.

Introducing Nic Tailor, the first custom fit underwear for men. Short for “tailored knickers,” Nic Tailor is superior quality underwear made to your specific body shape. We take into consideration butt size, groin size…everything that makes you…you.

So, now your underwear fits better. And when it fits better, it feels better.

Made in the USA

Honest Waist Sizes

We hate to be the ones to break it you. But some clothing companies intentionally deflate sizes to stroke your ego (“Look, you still have the same waist size as in college.”) They lie…so you’ll buy!

At Nic Tailor, we use honest, authentic measurements, like a real tailor. So, if you have a tape measure around, great. And if you don’t have one handy, well, you may just want to err on a size or two larger than what you usually buy…because that’s what you honestly are.

Measuring Guide

Underwear that’s over and above anything else

Nic Tailors are made with the highest quality materials and technology. So, they not only fit better and wear well, they also significantly outlast the competition.

You can’t beat the band
Gently caresses your privates
No Fly zone
Won’t rub you the wrong way
Don’t scratch your butt
Plant the flag pole
Drain the swamp ass
Our waist band is connected in a flat seamless seam for superior comfort. We use 3-needle cover stitching for greater strength and durability. These fine-weave elastics stay put and don’t roll. They even help to wick away moisture.
Our luxurious fabric is dyed and finished for a softer touch. Made of 45% Lenzing Micro-Modal® (from natural beech wood fibers), 45% Supima® (fine cotton) and 10% Elasten®, this revolutionary fabric offers superior flexibility and fit.
Most men don’t actually use the underwear fly, preferring to “go over the top.” So, we have simply eliminated the fly for superior comfort.
Nic Tailor uses patented Merrow Activeseam® stitching to create the softest, flattest seams on the market. This way, only the soft fabric is actually touching your boys.
We use Tagless® printed labels for greater itch-free comfort.
The American flagpole, that is. All Nic Tailor products are made right here in the US of A.
Our fabric boasts a high-water absorbency, helping to wick away moisture and promote evaporation. Enjoy cool, breathable comfort.

Competitive Chart

Today, there are a lot of nice underwear brands out in the market. But what sets us apart from all the Tom, Dick and Harrys is our ability to custom-fit the underwear just for you.